Our GRP products –
as efficient as we are

The fiber composite GRP is considered to be an exceptional load-bearing composite. It is unique due to the wealth of its features and applications – no other material offers such a versatile combination of benefits.

GRP is indispensable for many industries:

  • Mobile phone network
  • Traffic engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Plant construction
  • Energy technology

More and more industries rely on the unbeatable advantages of this material. The range of applications is continually expanding. As an innovation leader, we orientate ourselves according to new ideas, developments and tasks. Talk to us about your ideas and wishes.

  • Flexural strength
  • Impact resistant
  • Tensile strength
  • Temperature resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Resistance to media

GRP antenna cylinders and panels

A worldwide success for IBK-Fibertec

Professional antenna systems are installed all over the world on high transmitter masts and towers. 

As a radome (radar dome), GRP offers decisive advantages for transmitters:

  • The highest degree of transparency in relation to electromagnetic radiation
  • Protection of the antennas from environmental influences such as ice, snow, rain, wind and dirt
  • Protection of antennas and brackets from corrosion

Regardless of the weather conditions, the antenna systems can be inspected, upgraded and extended at any time.

Brocken, Harz
München, Olympiaturm
Antenna level
Interior antennas
Antenna arrangement

GRP support towers

Resistant in all kinds of weather

IBK has developed and manufactured a GRP support tower for its partner SPL for the coastal train in Ostend, Belgium. It is a worldwide innovation, since the mast provides both stability and insulation. Other advantages include corrosion resistance in the difficult weather conditions on the North Sea, as well as longevity. For the contact wire, insulators can be completely dispensed with, since the mast adequately acts as an insulator.


Our GRP special components –

instead of standard solutions

The application of fiber composite technology has made extraordinary progress in recent decades. New applications and areas of use are being developed regularly. IBK-Fibertec has played a key role in this dynamic innovation process. Many years of experience and advanced expertise form the solid foundation for the design, development and production of individual and specific solutions.

GFK-Druckbehälter und Tanks

GRP pressure vessels and tanks

Keeping our promise

GRP Tanks are resistant to corrosion and acid, dimensionally stable and extremely durable. On request, IBK-Fibertec manufactures special containers in terms of size and pressure.


GRP lighthouses

Bring light into the darkness

Lighthouses made of fiberglass are completely weather resistant, seawater resistant and sustainable.


GRP vibration absorbers

Tranquillity itself, even during hurricanes

Vibration absorbers serve to absorb building vibrations, particularly those caused by wind. They keep transmitter masts, for example, stable even in high winds and guarantee unrestricted transmission power. IBK-Fibertec develops vibration absorbers coordinated with antenna cylinders and transmitter masts from our own production.